Gerbera Care Tips


Gerberas as a cut flower 

Now that you have brought home a beautiful bouquet of flowers, it is important to care for them correctly to ensure they last as long as possible. With the correct care, they typically last 2-3 weeks.

1. Gerberas only need a couple of inches of water, no need to over water them. Make sure you change the water every 2-3 days and cut the stems with clean scissors or secateurs to keep them fresh.

2. Put a drop or 2 of bleach into the water to ensure the water is clean and fresh.

Growing gerberas at home 

1. From seed. Gerberas can be raised from seed planted in spring or early summer.

2. Crowns. Divide up your own gerbera clumps in late summer or autumn outside the tropics, or all year round in northern Australia.

Planting tip: When planting gerberas make sure that the crown (the part of the plant from which the new growth arises) is 1-2cm (1″) above the soil level. This will reduce the likelihood of disease such as rots which affect the crown and stems.

3. Potted plants. We sell a range of colours of gerbera plants in spring/summer. They are not available in winter.

When picking flowers from your own plants, do not cut the stem. Careless picking can leave behind a spot that can become infected. Instead of cutting the stem, waggle it at its base until it pulls away cleanly. To arrange the flower cut off the hairy white part on the bottom of the stem, or the flower won’t be able to absorb any water.